Play Ball!

The busiest time of the year is here - spring sports season!

It seems like spring may have finally arrived - just in time for baseball! We had our first games of the season this past Saturday. Both boys with games at the same time - talk about running around to try catch all of their at bats. But at least we got two games in at once! For what feels like the rest of my life we'll be fitting in about 4 games a week. Now is when I'm questioning signing both boys up for baseball (plus soccer). Anyone else going to be living on chicken nuggets and hot dogs for the next month and a half?

Easton Baseball Giants
Easton Baseball Giants on the Field
Easton Baseball Little League at Bat
Easton Baseball Little League Watching from the Dugout
Easton Baseball Little League Running to Base
Easton Baseball Little League At Bat
Amy Anahory