Cape Cod Brewster Flats Family Session

Again, it's been a while since I've written! I'm always thinking of all these great things I want to chat about and then when I'm near my computer I completely forget. And we all know how the summer is....


So anyway, I've been enjoying some time on Cape Cod this summer. While I've been there I've had the  pleasure of photographing some wonderful people! For this session my family and I met near sunset during a low tide in Brewster. If you've never experienced the Brewster Flats they are AMAZING! At low tide you can walk for miles where there is normally water. 

Paines Creek Brewster Flats

 Paine's Creek beach has a beautiful stretch of stone which separates some of the beach from the tidal flats. 

Cape Cod Flats Photography Session

 We climbed over some rocks and our adventure began in the tidal flats. The boys had so much fun in the mud! We even found a crab!

 The summer is such a magical time and I'm so lucky to have helped capture some summer memories!