Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

Next month I'l be doing a day of Mommy and Me mini sessions - on April 28th to be exact. 


I'm really excited for these sessions for so many reasons. I love doing mini sessions because it's so fun to see so many families in one day. And the mommy and me ones are going to be extra special. Some of my favorite photos from sessions are the ones of kiddos with their parents. I love capturing those special moments of connection!


As a mother I am generally the one behind the camera - there are not a ton of photos of me and my kids (hmmm, maybe I need to have these done for me!). But the few that I have I LOVE! We moms deserve to have photos of ourselves with our most favorite people. And these are in time for Mother's Day - a perfect gift to ourselves!


I look forward to hearing from you and spending time with you and your kiddos!

Mothers Day Minis 2 Day.jpg

As an added bonus I'm partnering with Flourish Floral Event and Design for the minis. They will be providing custom hand tied bouquets to be used during the sessions. 

And I also have a collection of children's dresses that my clients can use. Among them are Anna Triant, Love Baby J, Dollcake and others. I have a variety of sizes available. Here are a few:

Anna Triant Pink Dress
Dollcake Baby Dress
Love Baby J Pink Feather Dress

Please contact me to reserve your time! 

Amy Anahory